Walk with Elephants

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Our African Elephants came to the Park in the early 1990's, when they were rescued from almost certain death during a severe drought. Happily, they now get to spend most of their day grazing in the park, and you can join Amai, Ntombi, Jecha and Chibi as they browse trees and socialise; an incredible chance [...]

Ngamo Lion Release Site Drive

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Meet the world-famous Ngamo pride; Antelope Park's Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Programme's stage two release pride. See Milo and his pride that have established a stable social structure and proven themselves to be skilled hunters. Drive through the release site with one of ALERT's researchers and learn about how this pride is helping [...]

Horseback Safari

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The horses and wildlife at Antelope Park are accustomed to each other, and this allows for guests to get up close and personal with a variety of wildlife species, including towering giraffe and bounding antelope, on a spectacular horseback safari. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, this will prove to be an [...]

Game Drives

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Explore the park and spot giraffe, zebra, kudu, and many other wildlife species from one of our comfortable open-air game-viewing vehicles. Sunset game drives including complimentary snacks and drinks at the Horse Shoe, as well as night game drives are also available. Minimum of six participants Time multiple time slots Height Restriction N/A Weight [...]

Carriage Ride

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Our 'Africa Of Old' experience. Climb aboard our teak, mule drawn carriage and experience Africa as they did in the past. No engine noise gives you close encounters with the animals whilst enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks. Time 9:00am Height Restriction N/A Weight N/A Age N/A Minimum of six participants

Explore the Bush

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Join one of our expert guides on a leisurely walk through the unspoiled bush landscape. Learn more about Antelope Park’s fascinating resident fauna and flora, and take advantage of the incredible photographic opportunities. Time N/A Height Restriction N/A Weight N/A Age N/A

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