Ngamo Lion Release Site Drive

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Meet the world-famous Ngamo pride; Antelope Park's Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Programme's stage two release pride. See Milo and his pride that have established a stable social structure and proven themselves to be skilled hunters. Drive through the release site with one of ALERT's researchers and learn about how this pride is helping [...]

Night Encounter


They might be too old to walk with, but our lions at the Lion Enclosure still need to get out and about to hone their instincts. You can join them from the comfort of an open-top vehicle after dusk or before dawn as we take the lions out into the reserve in search of prey. [...]

Lion Feeding

The fur will fly, quite literally, when you visit our adult lions at feeding time. Standing just metres from the fence line, onlookers watch in awe as several of our fully-grown male lions charge towards their meal and tussle for the prime pieces. One of our most adrenaline-filled activities, the lion feeds not only give [...]

ALERT Educational Tour / Lion Enclosure Tour

An insightful 45-60-minute tour of the breeding programme is a great way for guests to gain a better understanding of the work our Lion Rehabilitation Programme is doing to help ensure a future for these iconic, but threatened cats. Time No specific time allocation Height Restriction N/A Weight N/A Age N/A

Lion Walks


Join our lions on a walk through the bush, while the animals explore their natural habitat. Experienced guides and handlers will take you on early morning or afternoon walks with our older cubs, where you can interact with them and get closer than you ever thought possible. Our professional team of staff will help you [...]

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