One thing is for sure on project, no day is ever the same. Each day brings new excitement,
stories and memories. We cause up with our community intern Suus, to find out more
about what to expect on our community projects!

As a community intern, I spend time on each project and overtime I have seen how our work as volunteers is benefiting the communities and kids that we work with. Here is a little insight to the daily routine.


7:15 Breakfast

We have an early breakfast every weekday. They aim for 7.15, however, it’s Africa and there’s such
thing called ‘African time’. So, let’s just say breakfast at 7.30 🙂
For breakfast you have a few options to choose from; toast with different spreads or you can get
eggs and beans. There’s also porridge and different types of cereals. Occasionally we get scones and
pancakes, yay!!!


7:45 Departure

Again, AFRICAN TIME! We aim for a departure at
7.45, but since breakfast isn’t at 7.15 most days,
we leave for project a little later. Most days we
leave at around 8.00 o’clock. It’s a pretty bumpy
ride, but I always quite enjoy it once I put my
headphones in and listen to some music.

8:30 Project

Depending on which project we go to, we usually arrive at around 8.30. We say our hellos to the
kids and play a little game to start the day of with a little fun. After that, it’s time for business! Not
really though, but we do get started with our lesson. The morning session is from 9 to 12 o’clock.
We do either maths or English and teach them what we have prepared the day before. The kids do
their assignment and when they’re finished we mark it for them. They always go mad for stickers, so
if they have done well they get one. If they made some mistakes, we help them with their

12:00 Lunch

12:00 o’clock is tme for lunch! As a community volunteer we eat lunch on project. It usually consists
of rice or potatoes, some veggies and meat. If you have any dietary requirements, kitchen is super
flexible, and they will make you something different.

13:00 Project

The second session of the day starts at 13.00. We do the
lessons that we have planned the day before. When we
have finished this lesson, it’s time for some more games
for a fun end of the day. They love to dance, so often we
play a game where they have to dance, and when the
music stops they have to stand as still as they can.
Whoever moves has to leave the game until there’s only
one person left, the winner!


3:30 Departure back to camp

At 3.30 its time to head back to Antelope Park. When we get back to camp we meet in the
Community office. We do a little write up on how our day went, and any suggestions that you might
have. After we finish that, its time to chill, where you can do whatever you prefer to do
until the daily meeting at 18.15

6:45 Time for Dinner

As the day comes to an end, it’s time for dinner. Dinner varies each night, and we often have
themed nights, from curry nights to the traditional Friday night Braai (BBQ.) Here, we reunited with
the other project volunteers and share our days adventures together. 3 nights a week, we are
treated to desert and after that it’s time to chill. Evenings are a great time on project. It’s the time to
either chill in the bar with friends, or cozy up with blankets for a movie night. After this, it’s time to
get a goodnights sleep before tomorrows new adventures!


What else can you get involved with at Antelope Park?

– Lion Conservation
– Wildlife Photography and Lion Conservation
– Horses and Lion Conservation
– Horse Management
– Community Teaching and Lion Conservation
– Community Medical and Lion Conservation

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