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Project Overview:

Volunteers contribute fully towards improving the current state of healthcare within Zimbabwe by sharing their passion for making a difference. Get involved in taking critical steps to laying the foundations for huge impactful change.

Our medical volunteers participate in home visits, for patients who need extra care and support, and facilitate vital education and raise awareness about significant health issues. We welcome volunteers with or without past medical experience, who can get involved in tackling the current healthcare crisis by taking part in tasks such as baby weighing, filling in medical records and packing medication. Volunteer input and services have already positively impacted many lives with the potential to improve so many more.

Combined with our Lion Conservation Project, Community volunteers will have the chance over the weekends to take part in laying the foundations that will ensure the success of ALERT’s work. Get involved with behaviour enrichment sessions to stimulate the lions natural behaviours, enclosure cleaning and maintenance work or simply accompany the cubs during the day or night as they develop their natural instincts. Not only do volunteers leave with an enriched understanding for Lion Conservation, but also the knowledge that they are helping to preserve the future of lions in Africa.

As well as being hands on with Lion conservation, Community volunteers are involved with caring for and accompanying our four orphaned elephants as they graze through the African bush. Our volunteers become immersed with local culture as they explore the surrounding community whilst on project or when taking part in one of the incredible excursions on offer. Our Community Healthcare and Lion Conservation Project promises to deliver an experience of a lifetime!


Work on Project:

Home Visits and Education: Visit patients living in rural areas who require an extra level of care and support. Bring your passion for healthcare to life by educating the local community on the importance of healthcare and raising awareness about significant issues.

Clinics: Assist in the heavily under-resourced clinics, getting involved in routine tasks such as baby weighing, packing medication and observing patient care by helping with blood pressure and temperature measurements.

Lions: Walk alongside our Stage 1 Lions over the weekends, familiarising them with their surroundings and enabling them to put their natural instincts into practise.

Take part in daily care activities to ensure the resident captive lion population are well looked after. These include meat preparation and lion feeding, enclosure cleaning, enclosure maintenance for their upkeep and behaviour enrichment for stimulating natural behaviours + more.

Other: Observe the semi wild Ngamo Pride, ahead of the words first lion release or walk with our four orphaned elephants in the African bush.



Voted by World Travel Awards as Zimbabwe’s leading private game reserve, Antelope Park is a destination like no other. Volunteers will live in shared accommodation* with access to shower and bathroom facilities, a included laundry service and a volunteer lounge for social gatherings. Enjoy three tasty meals a day in our exquisite dining area, with the sound of roaring lions in the distance. Take the opportunity to relax by the pool or watch our elephants playing in the river whilst enjoying a drink on our raised deck bar. With regular spotting of giraffes, zebras, elephants are more, there is no place quite like Antelope Park.

Your extensive opportunities go beyond Antelope Park. In addition to the extensive stable and lion activities on offer, there is plenty more to choose from to make your time at Antelope Park unforgettable.

  • Victoria Falls: Experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world at Victoria Falls. Your options for activities are expansive, from bungee jumping over the Zambezi River, to game viewing the Big 5 in Chobe National Park, Botswana.
  • Matopos National Park: Trek through the bush on foot in search of the magnificent African Rhino, the best way to see these amazing animals unclose.
  • Free to Be Wild Sanctuary: Get upclose with baby baboons, monkeys and impala at this rehabilitation centre, specialising in rescue and release.
  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins: Take the opportunity to discover this Unseco World Heritage Site for the day, rich with culture and history.

Dates and Prices:

2018 Dates

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
8 12 12 9 7 4 2 13 10 8 5 3
15 26 26 23 21 18 16 27 24 22 19 17
29           30         31

2019 Dates

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
7 11 11 9 6 3 1 12 9 7 4 2
14 25 25 22 20 17 15 26 23 21 18 16
28           29         30

Community Medical

From £1,030 $1,524

2 weeks: £1,030 $1,524
3 weeks: £1,308 $1,935
4 weeks: £1,585 $2,345
5 weeks: £1,862 $2,755
6 weeks: £2,139 $3,165
7 weeks: £2,416 $3,575
8 weeks: £2,693 $3,985
9 weeks: £2,970 $4,395
10 weeks: £3,247 $4,805
11 weeks: £3,524 $5,215
12 weeks: £3,801 $5,625

Community Medical and Lion

From £1,134 $2,077

2 weeks: £1,134 $2,077
3 weeks: £1,440 $ 2,636
4 weeks: £1,745 $3,195
5 weeks: £2,050 $3,754
6 weeks: £2,355 $4,313
7 weeks: £2,660 $4,872
8 weeks: £2,965 $5,431
9 weeks: £3,270 $5,990
10 weeks: £3,575 $6,549
11 weeks: £3,880 $7,108
12 weeks: £4,185 $7,667

Whats included:

• Airport collection and return to either Harare Airport (Sunday) or Bulawayo Airport (Monday.) An Antelope Park team member will be waiting to meet you.
• All accommodation and 3 meals a day, served in the camps dining areas.
• 24 hour support on project and at the volunteer accommodation by our onsite staff at the park
• Unlimited Tea, coffee and filtered water during the day
• Laundry Service


• Flights
• Personal and medical insurance cover for the duration of your placement
• Visa requirements
• Additional activities out of project, Excursions, Horse activities
• Extra food and drinks, from the bar or cafe
• Wifi (available to purchase upon arrival)


Photos & Feedback

“Truly help to form and shape the lives of the kids and people in Zimbabwe”
“My heart was moved to serve the community and help conserve animals. The experience broadened my understanding of mixing cultures and I always came away with more family members than when I started.”
“This has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me knowing I am making a difference in the world.”
“The community project was amazing and I got to do so many different things. I loved meeting people from around the world and especially the community staff members were so nice and made the whole experience even more fun!”
“If you want to truly feel like you’ve accomplished aa greater sense of purpose, only only in yourself, but in others, do it. You’ll find there’s more to the world than what you thought before.”
“My stay was more exciting and rewarding than I could have ever hoped for.”
“The staff never failed to put a smile on my face and have been some of the best people I have ever met.”
“Be warned, once you come here, you’ll never want to leave.”
“The whole experience far exceeded by expectations. A life changing and life affirming experience.”