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Community Update April 2019

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Community Volunteering at Antelope Park Update

As our guest at Antelope Park, your stay will not only leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, but also with the knowledge that you have personally contributed to the survival of the African Lion, plus supporting our other local conservation and community projects!

So today, we will update you on who is behind the scenes and does all the wonderful work in our communities.

… Let me introduce our incredible Rosine.

Head of the community’s department.

Not only is she beautiful in appearance but her heart too, she is what keeps the passion behind driving this department and putting other before herself!

We conducted a little interview, so we could all get to know our Rosine a little bit better and you too can look out for her during your stay at Antelope Park.

Rosine, tell us what called you to work as Head of our Communities department?

Giving back and helping people has always been a part of who I am. It’s my calling.

How or why do you feel it is important to give back to our local communities?

The most obvious reason would be to create a positive impact on those around you.

For me one of the most important & simplest reasons is to empower those in the community by making them self-sustainable.

Whether this is done through education, starting up a micro-business or imparting life skills; giving someone the ability to be able to fend for themselves and for their families without relying on hand-outs is a gift that keeps on giving.

Where are you from and why are you passionate about caring for the less fortunate?

I was born and raised in Gweru and my family (as a whole) has always had their doors open to those that needed help. So essentially that is what nurtured my desire to care for the less fortunate.

Personally for me, it extends beyond the less fortunate as I feel at some point we all need a helping hand, no matter what our status, and that is where I want to be able to make a difference; to help whoever needs it from something as “small” as a hug to something as profound & empowering as education.

To sum it all up, I would say my passion is fuelled by my gifting/calling, I have no choice but to care, it’s in my DNA!

So, there you go, we need more people like Rosine in our world don’t we?

If we all did our small part for a greater purpose other then ourselves… the world would be a better place as a whole and all (including our precious animal life) would benefit from this!

Update for our Communities – April 2019

It has been the school holidays here in Zimbabwe thus we have been holding holiday lessons with:

Our Schools

Mkoba 4 Primary Special Needs Class  ( Continual improvements in language and maths skills. As a fun activity, students replied letters that were brought by one of our volunteers Isabell. Do you remember having a Pen Pal? )

Julena Rural Primary School (Grade 5 & 6 class) continual improvement to their school work across the board.

Conservation Education

Holidays lessons are being held with youth from the Roman Catholic Church who are set to graduate at the end of this month.

Home visits

Visited Gogo Machuma who is over 80 years old, who was not feeling well and could not sit up.

We took Gogo to the clinic and bought her the medication she needed as well as a few groceries.

We did a follow-up visit to Gogo a couple of days later and were happy to see that she was doing much better and that she was sitting up and being her usual jovial self.

Our plans for May:

We will start the foundations for a third classroom block at Julena Rural Primary School.

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