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Community Update July 2019

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Antelope Park Community Update July 2019

Thank you to our wonderful Rosine ( Communities Manager) and our Volunteer and Guest contributions. Without you, all this work and progress would not be possible.

Mkoba 4 Primary: Special Needs Class:

Maths lesson focused on: Shapes; Learning shapes helps children identify and organize visual information. Learning shapes also help students understand other signs, symbols and can help them develop problem-solving skills.

Book Club (aims to significantly improve English literacy skills):

Focused on reading, spelling. The benefits of reading include mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement and improved focus and concentration. Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters.

Mickey Mouse Pre-School:

Lessons focused on colouring, making masks and face painting which helps students practise fine motor skills, develop artistic and creative skills and encounter the unique sensory experience of having their faces painted.

Students also learnt about their body parts specifically their hands. Teaching kids, the appropriate terms for their body parts is important for reasons of self-esteem, confidence, and self-love.

Julena Rural Primary:

Math lessons focused on: Area; Area is important as it represents a physical aspect of mathematics since math builds upon itself, it is important for students to learn about the area.

  • Construction: loading and sieving of gravel, pit sand and river sand. Fetching water and clearing land in preparation for brick making. Moulding of 429 bricks for the third classroom block.
  • Feeding programme: delivered groceries and purchased a goat for the feeding scheme. Nutrition is one of the 3 major factors that impact a child’s development & there is a strong relationship between nutrition, health and learning. You cannot teach a hungry child.
  • Conservation Education: 51 students graduated this month after successfully completing all 6 modules of the conservation education course. This brings the total number of graduates this year to 243. During the course, students were taught basic tree identification skills using barks, leaves and trees as well as the importance of conserving trees and the roles they play in mitigating global warming. Graduation Day was spent at Antelope Park with students being treated to a lion enclosure tour, game drive, snake induction, horse ride and elephant interaction.

Clinic/ Healthcare:

  • Baby clinic: 297 babies attended to by measuring height, weight and filling in of growth charts
  • Maternity: 332 mothers assessed to ensure good health during pregnancies
  • Observations: 196 patients observed  by taking of temperature, blood pressure and weight before being attended to by specialized staff
  • Dressing room: 48 patients attended to for wound dressing
  • Dispensary: 74,231 pills counted and packaged
  • Labour Ward: assisted in the delivery of a baby girl and boy by measuring height, weight, head circumference and by cleaning and dressing them

Support Group:

  • Hosted a mini workshop with HIV+ Youths from our local clinics with the aim of encouraging them to live positively .

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