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Community Update May 2019

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Antelope Park Community Update May 2019

Antelope Park is well known for our assistance in the local communities. Without YOU our guests and volunteers we would not be able to make the difference we do in our community. Thank you.

Mkoba 4 Primary School Special Needs Class

  • English Lessons focused on Verb Tenses
  • Body Parts -Teaching kids the appropriate terms for their body parts is important for:  self-esteem confidence and self-love. This helps children develop a healthy, more positive body image
  • Math Lessons – As children handle money, share items between friends & cut food into portions they are beginning to build up their division skills as part of their everyday life.
  • Happy Readers Scheme – Children who cannot Learn to Read cannot Read to Learn & thus do not derive the full educational benefit from attending school. Happy Readers literacy programmes aim to significantly improve the levels of literacy of children at early & middle primary school level.

Julena Rural Primary

  • CONSTRUCTION: Sieving & loading of sand & donation of cement for the 3rd classroom block
  • Thanks to a fundraising initiative, we have been able to re-introduce the feeding programme
  • Attendance has improved since the feeding programme began -3 new students have enrolled.

Mickey Mouse Pre School

  • Lessons focused on colouring
  • Learning how to tie shoe laces & make butterflies using pipe cleaners which benefits hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills
  • Conservation education

Takunda Primary School

52 students from Takunda Primary School have covered 4 modules of the curriculum to date namely: Conservation, African Animals, African Habitats & the African Continent

Clinic & Healthcare in Gweru

  • Dispensary: 19,944 pills counted & packaged
  • OI: 16,800 pills counted & packaged
  • Consulted 242 patients
  • Dressing Room: 45 patients attended to
  • Observations:267 patients attended to by weighing, taking of temperature & blood pressure
  • Baby Clinic:336 babies weighed; height measured & growth charts filled in
  • Maternity: 221 mothers assessed to ensure healthy pregnancies

Assisted in the delivery of a baby girl by measuring height, weight & head circumference

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