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Covid-19 Update

“As our nation prepares for Covid-19 (Corona virus) our hearts are with you all, in Zimbabwe and across the globe.  We have been so overwhelmed with the support and messages we have received from far and wide  –  Thank you, it has meant the world to us.  With regard to the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, we have decided to put Antelope Park into lockdown for the protection of both our staff and guests. We will remain with our animal caretakers and a few staff. Unlike many businesses we are in a position to send our staff home with full pay packages for the month of March and Antelope Park will continue to support them wherever we can and whenever possible. Our staff are without a doubt our most important consideration.

Covid-19 is the biggest challenge mankind has faced, in a very long time. We are making the most difficult decisions we have ever made in our lifetimes – hard, heart-breaking decisions, but very sadly decisions that we must make. These are not decisions that are being made lightly but decisions made after hours and days of discussions with our incredible staff and on the international advice (freely available to us all) of some of the top scientists in the world. We humbly ask for your understanding during this time. We pray for our staff and their families’ safety and pray that the situation will improve quickly and that our amazing Antelope Park team will once again be reunited. We love you, our guests, who arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all over Zimbabwe and across the globe.

We will reassess the situation on a weekly basis and will update on any changes to the current situation.

For those of you locked in at home we hope to soon start sharing some amazing video clips and pictures of Antelope Park – just to whet your appetite to return when this is all over and we can all return to normal, less lonely, less bored and far happier times.

We Zimbabweans are survivors and we will get through.
Stronger together.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

Our hearts are with you all, in Zimbabwe and across the globe.”

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