Antelope Park Experiences

Antelope Park offers a vast variety of once-in-a-lifetime Activities that you will remember forever.

Choose from Game drives, Horseback safaris, Elephant interaction, Lion Encounter, Snake induction, among other unforgettable experiences.

Whether you are looking to share the fun with your Significant other, Family or a group of friends, there’s something for everyone.

The adventure awaits! 

(There will be no day visitor activities after 4.30 pm)

Lion Feeding

Horse Safaris

Sunset Carriage Ride

Night Encounter

Wild Release Program

Bird Viewing

Horse Lessons

Elephant Interaction

Game Drive

Lion Education Tour

Snake Induction

Elephant Walk

Carriage Ride

Canoeing (Seasonal)

Sunset Game Drive

Pony Rides

Bush Walks

Fishing (Seasonal)

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+263 772 609 541 / +263 8677 021 630

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