Day & Night Lion Encounter

Lion walks have now stopped at Antelope Park as of the 31st August 2019. We will now focus entirely on our impending release.

This will give room to highlight the last part of the first stage of the ALERT lion rehabilitation model which is our current EXCITING and UNIQUE Lion night and day encounters for our guests and volunteers.

What is a Lion Day and Night Encounter?

The Lions are released out into the park exposed fully to the wildlife. This will allow them to continue honing their hunting skills to pass onto the next phase for a semi-wild release.

Thus the opportunity to see many stalks and breathtaking chases surrounded by the wonderful mammal and bird species in the park. While neither the guests nor volunteers will interact in any way with the lions. There will still be many photo opportunities which will be far superior to the Lion Walks, as the game vehicle follows the Lions in the park.


Day Encounter – 4:30 am

Night Encounter:

  • Winter – 5:00 pm
  • Summer – 6:30 pm






Participants must be 8 or above

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Antelope Park Notice

Please be aware our Dam is seasonal and there is currently construction at our front Dam area with the building of the new Dam wall in time for the rains

Lion walks have stopped at Antelope Park
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