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Jackie Daniels

If you have been to Antelope Park, then you are most certainly aware of our resident Donkey. Jackie Daniels.

Our little lady takes residence by the horse stables and all who encounter her, cannot but help but feel completely smitten with her adorable little stature and nature.

Jackie was rescued by the SPCA when she was 2 days old as her Mum was tragically killed by a train. Upon hearing about this little donkey, Antelope Park offered up our beautiful park as her new home, where she has now lived for nearly 3 years!

Jackie was raised by humans so as you can imagine, we have sort of rubbed off on her…. Jackie thinks she is human and one cheeky but clever human at that!

Things to know about Jackie:

  • She thinks she is human
  • Loves to make Friends
  • She loves pink
  • She eats everything and anything (and we mean anything!!)
  • Dustbins are her favourite item around the park
  • Can open doors (loves visiting volunteers) and turn on taps
  • Loves to be around humans

Jackie is the Antelope Park treasure and has accumulated many fans by both guests and volunteers from around the world.

Be sure to stop in and see her on your next visit.

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