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Night Encounter Activity at Antelope Park

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Follow our lions as they go on an evening hunt

Have you ever wanted to see a Lion stalk and kill its prey in the wild?

Have you wanted to be part of the Lion chase where you can see, smell & hear the battle?…….at the very least get the opportunity to capture the incredible beasts in action, the breath-taking moments on camera?

We can offer you this wild experience with our Lion Night Encounter! With a 40% chance on seeing a Lion kill, a significantly higher chance than in the WILD!

What to expect on your Night Encounter Activity?

At 5:30 pm you will be asked to meet your guide for a debriefing on the night’s events. You must note that a kill is not guaranteed but it does not take away from this exhilarating African experience.

Your group will then be asked to bumble onto our safari vehicle alongside our guides and spotters. Off you go into the Game park as the sun sets over the flat plains of the midlands toasting to the exciting evening events.

As dusks falls the spotters start their search for the Lions in the park. You will see all our wild animals and the flora & fauna under the African milkyway, a different but peaceful manner to behold the wild.

Help the spotters look out for Wildebeast, Impala or Zebra running – this means the Lions are close!

Warm blankets, hot/cold drinks and snacks are provided during the three hour Night Encounter to keep you warm and your bellies full.

How does the Night Encounter work?

The Night Encounter is the last phase of the Stage 1 ALERT rehabilitation test model. (Which you can read more on in our FAQ section).

From three months old, the Lion cubs begin to be exposed to their natural environment by seeing different types of prey and terrain. As the cubs become more confident and their natural instincts start to take over!

The hunting skills and techniques they gain during the Lion walks and Day encounters are the same skills used while hunting at night.

The Night Encounter (currently) is done with 3 females Tamuka, Laili & Lalapanzi These beautiful Lionesses have been successful hunters from the time they were younger!

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