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Our Winter 2019 Special

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Enjoy this winter at Antelope Park

This June and July 2019, let the crisp blue winter skies of the Midlands, welcome you to Antelope Park. This flat landscape will promise the most beautiful Sunrise and Sunset opportunities – which can both be enjoyed on either horseback or on a safari drive!

We are offering a 30% discount to all Zimbabwe residents for our comfortable array of accommodations.  You can choose from our luxury Island Lodges (all come with a heater) or our cosy standard rooms.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save money and make memories with loved ones, family or friends!

All our world-renowned activities are still on offer, however our river is low due to the drought Zimbabwe experienced last year. So take note no river activities available (but its okay, its Winter right??).

Dress warm with closed shoes, scarves and big jackets during the chilly evenings. If you would like the opportunity to enjoy our exciting Night or Day Encounter (Where our Lions are let out into the park and you will have a 40% chance in seeing a kill!) , you will be provided with hot tea, warm blankets and snacks while watching our majestic Lions under the milky way.

Use the money you save in our special to make memories of a lifetime with all our activities on offer ( Meet our gorgeous orphaned Elephants – ).

Conservation and Community benefits by YOUR visit to Antelope Park

Over the past 10 years, Antelope Park and its associated businesses and shareholders have contributed over US$2 million to community and wildlife conservation programmes, the latter focused more specifically on the African Lion.

None of this would be possible without “YOU” our guests. You can read more in the Wildlife tab – Conservation at AP tab on our website.

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