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September Communities Update

Hours across all projects: 204 hours 

Table of Contents

Mkoba 4 Primary: Special Needs Class:

Maths lesson focused on Times Tables. Times tables help with mental arithmetic, help students understand other mathematical concepts and knowing ones times tables increases confidence.

Book Club (aims to significantly improve English literacy skills): Focused on reading and narration. Narration is used for oral communication of knowledge. It helps students learn quickly by making the subject matter interesting and easy to grasp.

Mickey Mouse Pre-School

Activities focused on games and colouring. It’s important for students to play games as games enhance motor skills, encourage social development, improve concentration, boosts self-esteem, keeps them active and stimulates their creativity.

Julena Rural Primary

Math lessons focused on a recap of speed, time and distance.

English lessons focused on the Happy Readers Reading Scheme books 7 & 8. Happy Readers books offer an integrated reading scheme for young children to learn to read with English as a second language.

Construction: started constructing an oven which will be used to bake the bricks made. Donated building materials towards the third classroom block.

Feeding programme: donated groceries for the feeding scheme for this school term.

Garden programme: donated and planted seeds (king onions, rape, spinach, tomatoes & carrots) for the garden. The purpose of starting the garden project besides just for the school to be able to feed its students is also for future benefits such as financial health as this product could be sold to generate income.

Conservation Education: 32 students graduated during the holiday after successfully completing all 6 modules of the conservation education course. As schools have opened, we have started lessons with our last intake of this year which consists of 54 Grade 6 students.

Clinic/ Healthcare

  • Baby clinic: 109 babies attended to by measuring height, weight and filling in of growth charts
  • Maternity: 64 mothers assessed to ensure good health during pregnancies
  • Observations: 105 patients observed  by taking of temperature, blood pressure and weight before being attended to by specialized staff
  • Dispensary: 6,594 pills counted and packaged
  • OI Clinic: 11,520 pills counted and packaged; 37 patients were given adherence counselling (Helps clients/patients develop an understanding of their treatment and its challenges)
  • Support GroupHIV+ Youths from our local clinics attended a FUN trail session with ImpactWOD focusing on physical fitness. Refreshments were served after.

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