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The Benefits of Camping

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Camping at Antelope Park

In Africa, there is no better way to experience the great outdoors and all she has to offer than camping (in our opinion). Camping stimulates all the senses for a true authentic wild experience.

Imagine sitting by the fire as the sun starts to set revealing the glowing oranges and pinks over the Gweru sky, “Scatterlings of Africa,” by Johnny Clegg playing quietly in the background. Doves cooing and the Grey Lowrie telling the day to “go away” welcoming the night.

What better way to experience a true Zimbabwe evening… this for us local Zimbabweans is close to heaven on earth.

In memory of a celebrated Zimbabwe Legend. Rest in Peace. 

At Antelope Park we offer lush campgrounds. Fire pits, charging ports, covered seating sites plus large ablutions with piping hot showers. So, your experience with us won’t be ‘completely’ bush as there are still some modern-day comforts however it will give your soul the break it needs from the hustle and bustle of town living.

So, what are the benefits of camping (need we ask??)

  • Being outdoors and breathing in the fresh midlands air – no city or car pollution!
  • You will see the magnificence of the Milky Way with no light pollution. A sight to behold that helps put our thoughts into perspective.
  • With modern amenities not as accessible it allows us to socialize more. Sitting with friends and family around the ‘Bush TV’ (fire) can mean memorable conversations and good quality family time instead of all sitting around a ‘real’ TV.
  • Being in the sun and outdoors allows for an improved mood instead of constantly being indoors.
  • That tent smell – ah, you have got to love this. Helps you sleep like a baby, plus you can sleep on your favourite pillow instead of the hotel provided ones.
  • Listening to the sounds of nature. During the night at Antelope Park, you can hear the Lions roaring. This is a beautiful, powerful sound that is not heard every day and unique to Antelope Park.
  • Exercise. You will exercise more whilst camping and the pay off is much larger as there is no better feeling than accomplishing tasks yourself. For example. Cooking, setting up the campsite etc
  • Less screen time and more real memory making! How important and much needed is this in our modern society.
  • Camping is a great for budget travel allowing for that a little bit of extra money toward activities!

At Antelope Park we recommend you camp for 2 to 3 nights to allow time to fit in some great activities. It is 10usd per Adult and 5usd per child plus we offer freezers for our campers that stay longer with us. So, no need to worry about your food defrosting!

Check out the accommodation section of our website to learn more plus all the extras we have on offer!

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