Antelope Park


Antelope Park, Zimbabwe

Explore your wanderlust, discover your passion for conservation and make a difference through our incredible variety of volunteer projects. Join us at the forefront of our pioneering wildlife efforts and empower local communities to strive for a better quality of life.

There are so many reasons why we are passionate about volunteering. Most importantly, to make a significant difference to conservation and our surrounding communities.

We fully believe that in order for our wildlife conservation efforts to succeed, we must have the backing of our surrounding communities; who must also benefit from our efforts. That is why wildlife conservation and community development are so closely linked.

Our model and efforts have the potential to be implemented all across Africa. But nothing can beat our love and dedication to Africa, that why we are committed to making our footprint all across the continent, but especially in our home country of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe holds a very special place in our hearts as our home and we strive to watch our beautiful nation flourish in as many ways as possible. Our committed to the country is unquestionable and through pushing our conservation and community efforts, we are contributing towards providing an even more promising future for Zimbabwe and it’s wonderful people.

We also strive to offer an experience beyond simply the incredible work which is taking place on the ground. The opportunities on offer are endless and exclusive. Not only will you walk away feeling that you have made a difference, but also experience the true, unfiltered Africa.

But be warned, once you get a taste for Africa, you will never want to leave!

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If you are struggling to decide where to get started, might we suggest our lion conservation project designed to help preserve one of the most iconic animals in Africa in rapid decline. 

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