Community & Medical

Join us in taking the small but fundamental steps to tactically Africa’s healthcare crisis. Share your passion for helping others and make a significant contribution to the lives of local community members.

Do you have a passion for making a difference? A commitment to healthcare? Then, we want you! Join us as we take critical steps towards improving the quality of life within the surrounding communities.

We welcome volunteers with or without past medical experience, to lend a hand in our mission to make a difference. You will provide both manpower and material support to these clinics, assisting the qualified staff in many of the routine tasks, freeing the workforce to concentrate on frontline healthcare. Bring your passion to life, by raising awareness to educate and protect members of the local community about important health care issues.

Get ready to play your part by improving healthcare and transform the lives of so many in the process.

Highlights & Activities 

 * Baby Clinic: Weighing & Measuring 

 * Observations Temperature, BP & Weight 

 * Maternity Ward support 

 * Pill Counting 

 * Night Shifts at the Maternity Hospital