Community & Teaching

An unforgettable teaching experience awaits you. Provide individualised teaching support to kids with a passion to learn and support the local communities through our initiatives to help improve quality of life. 

Education is the answer to promote positive change and has the ultimate power to transform lives. You will be helping us in providing vital individualised teaching assistance to those who require an extra level of support. Bring the classroom to life with your own ideas and initiatives, engaging local kids with a sense of enthusiasm to learn. 

Be part of taking our conservation work into the communities, by educating locals about living alongside wildlife. You will be fully involved in engaging communities with the natural environment in which they live in and in understanding the advantages of living alongside and conserving local wildlife, habitat and ecosystems.

It is because of volunteer contributions, that we can form positive and supportive relationships with the surrounding local community, laying a foundation for developing a brighter future for those in need.

Bring your best ideas, enthusiasm and get ready to change lives! Let’s do it together.

Highlights & Activities

  • Provide Individualised Attention to kids in need
  • Conservation Education
  • Assist with games, arts & crafts at the local pre-school 
  • Reconstruction & Building at the local rural school 

Call Us

+263 77 445 0693

Antelope Park Notice

Please be aware our Dam is seasonal and there is currently construction at our front Dam area with the building of the new Dam wall in time for the rains

Lion walks have stopped at Antelope Park
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