Horse Management Project

Discover the beauty of the iconic African bush on horseback

Volunteer with Horses

This is your opportunity to embark on an unparalleled experience, Volunteering with Horses in Africa! Discover the beauty of the iconic African bush with unforgettable wildlife encounters and exclusive riding opportunities on offer.

You will be involved with all the various aspects that go along with running an authentic African stable. Your riding opportunities range from capturing that incredible giraffe selfie on horseback to experiencing a Zimbabwean sunset and all its glory right from the saddle. With us you are in the right place to develop your show-jumping skills and to swim through the dam on horseback- and trust us, that is just the start of it!

This experience is for anyone with a passion for horses, wildlife and wanting to explore the beauty of the real African bush. It is the best way to embark on the ultimate horse experience in Africa. Whether you are on a career break, a gap year, school holiday or simply wanting to be the person who can say ‘I did that,’ we are ready to welcome you into our stables family, with over 35 horses and a team of passionate and experienced people running the show.

Our private game park sets the scene for the ideal riding ground. With no large predators roaming around and an abundance of plains game wandering the savannah grasslands, you will have the unique opportunity to get up-close to some incredible wildlife species, including giraffe, zebra, kudu, impala and wildebeest, in a safe environment. 

Day in the life of a Horse Volunteer

Stables Maintenance: You will be fully involved in making sure our stables are maintained to a good standard for our horses. Your jobs will include some general cleaning and upkeep tasks around the yard, paddocks and surrounding areas. Our horses are of utmost priority, so ensuring the stables are well-kept is essential.

Horse Maintenance: You will be hands-on with horse care, including daily feeding of all the horses, grooming, checking for any wounds that may need attention, de-ticking the horses and tack cleaning.

Snare Sweeps & Boundary Fence Patrol: As a conservation reserve, we are committed to protecting and preserving the wildlife that resides in our park. To do this, we carry out vital tasks including checking for wildlife traps and holes in our fences in order to keep out anyone or anything that wants to harm our wildlife!

Veterinary Treatment: You may be tasked with providing some basic veterinary care for minor injuries to make sure our horses remain healthy and in the best shape possible.

Schooling Horses: You will play a vital role in developing and maintaining the fitness of our horses. Working with our experienced team on the ground, you will take part in daily schooling sessions and training the horses to an individualised schooling routine. You may even get to work with some of our youngest horses, training them up for their career in stables, introducing them to different riding disciplines and the resident wildlife in the park.

Assisting with guest activities: For our longer-term volunteers, you may be trusted to take on more responsibilities within the stables, such as leading guest safari rides out in the park or pony rides.

Horse Riding Opportunities on offer

Sunrise/ Sunset Rides: An African sunrise is truly spectacular, and it looks even better from the saddle. Just like the sunrise, the sunset is equally as beautiful. This is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Safari Rides & Advanced Fast Safaris: Combining an amazing horse experience with an unforgettable wildlife encounter. Discover the freedom and glory of the African bush as you ride alongside iconic plains game species, including giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and impala. While only hearing the tranquil sound of your horse’s hooves, you can get closer to wildlife than you could ever imagine. For those advanced riders, be prepared to experience the glory and freedom of the African bush – at speed!

Horse Swims: An amazing experience to swim back bare through the fresh-water dam.

Polocrosse: Polocrosse is ingrained into Zimbabwe’s sporting culture. A combination of lacrosse and polo, this adrenaline-filled, fast-paced and totally addictive game with have you reaching for your racket after just one attempt!

Show-Jumping & Cross-Country: Jump our very own cross-country course, dotted around the game park and develop your show-jumping skills with the African bush as your backdrop.

Overnight Horse Safari*: The ultimate horse safari experience. Swim through our freshwater dam on horseback, ride alongside the wildlife, enjoy a tasty three-course meal out in an authentic bush setting and sleep under the stars, as part of this horse and nature adventure. Not much can beat the iconic African sunrise you will experience the following morning.

*Additional Cost for your first overnight horse safari – no cost thereafter for horse volunteers. 

Carriage Ride & Sundowners: Discover the bush vibe as the sunsets. Enjoy a drink in a spectacular sundowner spot and create fun and memorable experiences for everyone.

More About Your Horse Volunteer Project

You will receive an in-depth induction into the busy, but exciting life in stables during your first week. You will be guided through your weekly schedule, introduced to the horses, the game park and shown the ropes.

There is no typical day in stables. Every day presents new challenges or tasks that need to be completed. We ask you to be flexible, go with the flow whilst you are on the project and be ready for any ‘This is Africa’ moments.

We believe that the best way to get a feel for a stable life is by getting stuck in and learning as you go. Our stables team will be on hand to support you as you get a real insight into stable management. The longer you spend with us, the more responsibilities and duties you may be trusted with and the more knowledge and experience you will obtain.

We welcome riders and horse enthusiasts of all abilities. As a beginner, you will be guided into riding with regular lessons from our stables team and slow rides out in the bush. For the more experienced equestrian, you will have the opportunity to embark on fast safaris and even external competitions, including show-jumping.

This is your exclusive opportunity to learn what it takes to run an African stable, with unforgettable riding opportunities in a unique setting.


Horse Safari *

Polocrosse *

Sunrise & Sunset Rides *

Horse Swim *

Show Jumping *

Overnight Horse Safari (Additional Cost)  *  


 * Schooling Sessions

 * Fitness Rides

 * Game Control

 * Stable Maintenance

 * Horse Maintenance 

 * Boundary Patrol