Medical & Lion Conservation

Spend your weekends out in the community, while spending your weekends immersed in lion conservation and activities.

If you have a commitment to healthcare and enthusiastic about making a difference, then our medical project is perfect for you! Come join us better the quality of life within neighbouring communities.

You don’t need to have medical experience to lend a helping hand. You can carry out everyday tasks, while freeing up the qualified staff to focus on the more pressing healthcare issues. We need the manpower, so bring your positive attitude and come help raise awareness about vital heath concerns, to inform and safeguard members of the local community.

Be prepared to take full advantage of medical opportunities you would not have anywhere else, while enhancing the standard of healthcare and reshaping countless lives in the community.

Not sure which project to choose? Get the best of both worlds with our combination project! Experience our various conservation activities when you venture into the bush to conduct captivating research on our Ngamo pride.

Start your day with a lion walk and watch the cubs learn to hone in on their natural killer instincts. Engage the lions with toys, made out of natural elements, in behaviour enrichment sessions to stimulate their innate behaviours. Help care for the lions with feeds and maintaining their enclosures. Let’s not forget about being submerged in a genuine African environment, tending to our four orphaned elephants that you will be accompanying on their daily bush excursions.

Brace yourself for an authentic African Experience!


  • Baby Clinic: Weighing & Measuring 
  • Observations Temperature, BP & Weight 
  • Maternity Ward support 
  • Pill Counting 
  • Night Shifts at the Maternity Hospital 


  • Lion Walks 
  • Elephant Herds
  • Research Drives 
  • Night Encounters (Additional Cost) 

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Antelope Park Notice

Please be aware our Dam is seasonal and there is currently construction at our front Dam area with the building of the new Dam wall in time for the rains

Lion walks have stopped at Antelope Park
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