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Why Volunteer at Antelope Park

Volunteering has the power to open your world in a way like no other. It enables you to experience a new way of life, explore a new culture and become captivated by your surroundings; whilst also offering the opportunity to make your mark on conservation and community development efforts.

With its immense power and influence, volunteering can change lives. Not only for the cause you are contributing towards, but also for the individual offering their support and time. Volunteers achieve incredible things everyday through their work on the ground. What are you waiting for; It’s your turn to make a different.

Develop new skills, give things a go you would never otherwise have tried and get ready for a life changing experience.

This is real Africa. They say you aren’t born in Africa, but Africa is born in you.

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Antelope Park Notice

Please be aware our Dam is seasonal and there is currently construction at our front Dam area with the building of the new Dam wall in time for the rains

Lion walks have stopped at Antelope Park
Join our sister companies Pathfinders on an 8 week FGASA accredited multi-destination guiding course

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