Teaching & Lion Conservation

Spend your weekends out in the community, while spending your weekends immersed in lion conservation and activities.

Encouraging positive change and altering lives in any community starts with education. Come join us and assist in providing an essential targeted teaching aid for the children in need of that extra attention. Capture the hearts and minds of local children with your creativity and exuberance.

Our conservation work in communities is another great initiative you can get involved in by educating locals on the subject of living alongside wildlife. You will be fully emerged in incorporating communities with their surrounding natural environment and helping them grasp the importance and benefits of local wildlife, habitat and ecosystems conservation.

We are able to lay a foundation for a brighter future and create reassuring relationships with the local community, as a result of volunteer contributions.

Put your best foot forward, bring your positive attitude and get ready for an adventure to change lives, including yours!

What’s more? You are also part of our world-first initiative to ensure the future of the African lion. Are you ready to enter the lion’s den, as you take on key research tasks on our semi-wild release pride, in their natural habitat?

Interact with our lions on a daily basis. From becoming part of the pride as you join our cubs in the bush, as they put their natural instincts into practice. Get involved with our important behaviour enrichment program, and witness our bigger lions come to life with natural toys to stimulate their natural behaviours. Be prepared to dig deep and assist with vital animal maintenance and care. If you are passionate for making a difference and contributing towards conservation, this is the project for you!

Interact with our four orphaned elephants, as you accompany them through the bush, a great way to see the African bush and all its beauty.

So, are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? It all starts here!


  • Provide Individualised Attention to kids in need
  • Conservation Education
  • Assist with games, arts & crafts at the local pre-school 
  • Reconstruction & Building at the local rural school 


  • Lion Walks 
  • Elephant Herds
  • Research Drives 
  • Night Encounters (Additional Cost)