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Zimbabwe’s Leading Private Game Reserve

Antelope Park is in the heart of Zimbabwe with Zimbabwe in our hearts. As Zimbabwe’s leading private game reserve, our guests and volunteers are helping us in our mission to support conservation and community development.

We are proud to offer our guests a safari style holiday and our volunteers the opportunity to go make a difference in conservation and community development. With our incredible array of once-in-a-lifetime activities on offer for our guests and volunteers, it’s time to discover what your Antelope Park experience has in store for you.

Our priority is to support conservation and local communities with all we offer during your time with us.

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Latest Blog Posts

Community Update July 2019

Antelope Park Community Update July 2019 Thank you to our wonderful Rosine ( Communities Manager) and our Volunteer and Guest contributions. Without you, all this work and progress would not be possible. Mkoba 4 Primary: Special Needs Class: Maths lesson focused on:...

The Benefits of Camping

Camping at Antelope Park In Africa, there is no better way to experience the great outdoors and all she has to offer than camping (in our opinion). Camping stimulates all the senses for a true authentic wild experience. Imagine sitting by the fire as the sun starts to...

What to pack for your stay at Antelope Park

Antelope Park is situated in the midlands (Gweru) and we can experience four seasons in a day! As a guest, there are a few items that we can suggest to pack that will be needed all year round. A comfortable good pair of closed shoes/boots/sneakers. These will be used...

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